Art. AU01
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18 $
18 $

Universe: Among Us.
Character: Crewmate.

🏧 They are among Us!

Do you like spending time with your friends? Do you know which of them is lying so that you can't tell? Or are you yourself a superintelligence that can fool everyone? Don't you have any friends? So, you like to join, troll and ruin a couple of games to other people? :D

Then you are definitely familiar with the characters of the game 'Among Us', small, armless, multi-colored crew members :) Thanks to ATM miniatures, you can now carry your friend, comrade or even enemy in your pocket or arrange them in your trophy collection :)

You can replenish the crew of your collection today - but only if you passed the scan in public with the animation turned on - with delivery around the globe! 🌐

Material: Metal, Patina.
Height: 3 cm. (1.2 inch.).
Weight: 57 gr.

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